April 1985 – Angel of Misery

weeping angelAngel of Misery (published April 3, 1985)

You couldn’t guess from that innocent smile
That she’d ever do the things she’s done all the while
If you knew you wouldn’t want her at all
But she couldn’t be bad, ‘cause, God, she’s so good

A fire is raging down deep in her soul
Look closely now, and see she has no control
You’ll wonder what’s happening inside of her head
You’ll know she is bad, and you’ll wish she were good

Just when you think you’ve got her all figured out
The tables will turn and you’ll soon start to doubt
Her actions say that she’s changing her ways
She’s not so bad, now she seems to be good

She’ll keep on pretending there’s nothing to hide
But you will know better once you’ve heard how she’s lied
A selfish child when she don’t get her way
She’s really all bad, and she ain’t any good.

She’ll wait till your close, then she’ll swallow you whole
And if you’re not careful, you’ll lose self control
You best get out quick, before it’s too late
She’ll make you bad, ‘cause she’s so goddamned good.

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