August 1987

Green Room Hotel DuPont Wilmington, DE

Green Room Hotel DuPont Wilmington, DE

I don’t know what he expects me to say or think or do. Lou came home all paranoid and in a panic wanting to know whether or not it was possible and legal for someone to tape phone calls and use it against you, and if you could tell when a conversation was being recorded. I said that I had no idea, and asked why he was worried about it.

He explained that this woman who works at the local hospital where he was consulting had been really flirting with him a lot, and that they chatted on the phone at work during the day and it got to be really dirty sexy talk. And now he was worried that she was setting him up for some kind of trap. He thought there was some sort of conspiracy going on to get him fired from the hospital job because he was going to uncover some real problems. I looked at his eyes, and could tell he wasn’t right, and asked if he was high. He then says that he’d just been smoking pot with her in the car in a parking lot, and that they had kissed. I don’t know what piece of information pissed me off more: the kissing or the smoking in our Benz.

From there, it just went from bad to worse. Next, as part of his conspiracy theory evidence trail, he admitted to lying to me about going to dinner with clients at the Hotel DuPont, and that he had just gone with this woman. I started to cry, and he didn’t get why. The Green Room at the Hotel DuPont is the only really fine restaurant we have ever gone to. We got all dressed up and went for our last anniversary, and I thought it was so special and romantic. How could he take her there? I remember when he came home that night all horny; I guess she didn’t put out for him after the expensive dinner, so he came to me for relief. He really didn’t understand why I was hurt. Instead, he got mad at me because I got upset and was not helping him with his problem at work. I told him I didn’t see where he had anything to worry about as long as the conversation was both ways, not just him talking to her. He said she was a just a cock tease and he was going to stay away from her from now on. I assume that means she didn’t put out after the kiss either.

I asked him if there was anything else I should know about, and he told me that sometimes on his way to his client in Pennsylvania, he stops at a place for a hand job, but that it was no big deal and didn’t mean anything. I wish I didn’t ask. I know he didn’t tell me everything there was to tell, and perhaps that is just as well. He still didn’t understand why I was upset. After all, he came to me for help.

Lou fell asleep. I cleaned the house. I think when I clean and I vent to myself. I obsess. I have a sock that I keep in my drawer. It is a single woman’s sock that isn’t mine. It came home from Pennsylvania mixed in with his suitcase laundry quite a long time ago. He stays at a nice hotel that has a nightclub that I know is a big pickup joint. I heard rumors are that there was prostitution too. He’s up there all the time, and knows everyone, and because he’s such a regular guest, they give him the honeymoon suite whenever it is available. I am so damn angry but there’s nothing I can say. I scrub until my fingers cramp up. My house is very clean and I feel a little better when I am done.

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