August 1992

30alreadyWe’re officially trying to get pregnant, now. We were recently sitting out in the backyard, getting some sun, and talking about my 30th birthday that was coming up at the end of July. I can’t believe thirty is already here. I still always see myself as young, maybe because Lou is five years older than me. We’ve always talked about wanting to have a family, but have never done anything about it. I’m not on the pill, so it could have happened many times by now, but it hasn’t. I would love to have a big family. I envision a dining room table loaded with four kids, and then later having big family holidays together with spouses and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Lou’s not so sure on the number, but he does want to have children. I know people wait longer to have kids now, but I told Lou that if we still wanted to have kids, then we should start thinking about acting soon. He agreed, and said I should go to the OB-Gyn for a checkup and make sure that I’m in good health. My health is fine. I just have the neck problem, but it doesn’t seem like I can do anything much about that. I had the problem with my knee, but that somehow became less of a bother after I hurt my neck and I could not possibly carry a heavy backpack. So we got the medical go-ahead to try to get pregnant. I am really excited about the future.

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