January 1982

mgbWe went to New York over the holiday break, and rode up with someone from Lou’s class who was going home for vacation. While home, we bought my sister’s MGB; thankfully, she agreed to payment terms over time, since she doesn’t have the title in hand now to sell it elsewhere, and we don’t have the cash to buy it.  I love the small convertible, but the color isn’t so wonderful – I think they call it mustard, but kind of looks like baby diarrhea to me. Anyway it is good to have wheels that you don’t have to pedal. I still don’t have a driver’s license, and we don’t have insurance, registration, or inspection for the car… one step at a time. While in Schenectady, we stayed at the Ramada where I used to work.  And I actually did work a few shifts, so I made a little money over vacation. The hotel is pretty quiet over the holidays, and it was great to see Bruce again, but it was really painful to have to leave. We drove in our little car from Schenectady to Long Island to visit Lou’s mom and his sister.  We were planning to stay at his mom’s house for a few days and go to Nico’s engagement party, and also to another of Lou’s friend’s wedding, which happened to be on the same day, both nearby.  Somehow, Lou ended up getting into a huge argument with his mother. I don’t know what I did to piss her off, but through the yelling I found out that she was even mad at me, accusing that he was looking at me when he was talking to her – as if he required my approval or agreement of what he said, rather than just talking to her directly. It was absolutely crazy with screaming and yelling that I have never experienced in my life; it seemed perfectly normal to Lou. Bottom line, we were thrown out of the house. We slept that night in the car in a park not far from his house in Elmont where Lou and his high school friends used to party at night. It looked like the kind of place I imagine drug deals are made.  The next day, we wandered around a mall, and then later went to a gas station bathroom to change into dress clothes.  We did make it to the wedding and spent time at both parties, but had to leave each of them early. We changed in another rest room back into jeans for the 12 hour drive home. It was a bitter cold, windy night, and the heater stopped working in the car.  The soft convertible top is not well-sealed, so there was cold air constantly seeping in. Luckily, we had our coats to use as a blanket when we pulled over at a rest stop to sleep in the car for a few hours on the way. It was even unusually frigid cold down all the way down in North Carolina; it felt so good to finally get home to our apartment and crawl under the covers in bed. We were planning to stay a little longer up north, and I had hoped to still be in Schenectady when my other sister gave birth to my nephew, but it’s probably just as well to be back.  This way, I can return to work sooner, and Lou can get back to karate.  He’s in the karate club at school, and wants to go to the gym and practice.  His biggest issue is stretching.  He runs a lot, so his thigh muscles are really tight, and it’s hard for him to get his head down to his knees, and get anywhere near the splits for karate. I do try to run with him sometimes, but it just isn’t my thing.  I end up getting tweeks of pain either in my side or my ankle; seems it’s always something with exercise and me.  Tennis is a safe bet; I suck, but it’s fun, and the campus courts are close enough to bike or walk to and are usually open. He always wants to do something athletic; I do my best to keep up.

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