January 1987

1987 Mercedes Benz 190E - ours was powder blue

1987 Mercedes Benz 190E – ours was powder blue

We bought our first new car, and it’s a Mercedes Benz. Actually it is a “Baby Benz” 190E. We spent New Year’s Eve picking up the car and then sitting in it in the garage. We sat in the front seats, each taking turns on the driver’s side and the passenger’s side then we sat in the back seats, where there is little leg room. But it is nice. It will be a challenge to keep it clean, since it has a cream colored interior. Not leather, but it looks like it. Lou was appalled that the car didn’t come with floor mats, but managed to get them included at the end. It was kind of embarrassing to be fiercely arguing over something trivial like that at the dealership, but he had a point. The financing wasn’t too difficult this time, since we are established now with the mortgage. It’s funny how having debt makes it easier to get deeper into debt. We’ve got Lou’s student loans, the mortgage, and now this car payment, but we’re ok now with both of us working full time. Lou’s going to use the car for his business travel. It’s more impressive for his clients to see him in a Mercedes than the Olds. The only pain for me is that the radio doesn’t work in my car, and I have an hour commute each way.

We’re getting stuff done on the house, and it’s coming along nicely. The first thing to go was the blue and silver metallic wallpaper in the bathroom. It’s been non-stop work around the house, but it is good to work together on the projects. We figure that if we can hang wallpaper together without killing each other we’re doing something right in this marriage. He’s such a perfectionist when it comes to the work in the house that he won’t let me do anything that shows, not even a first coat of paint. I’m more like an assistant than anything else because he knows what he’s doing and I don’t. Except when it’s time to clean up. That’s always my job. I do keep the place clean though.

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