January 1989

SerenityPrayerTime flies. I’m reapplying to Wharton, with another year’s management experience and a couple more recommendations from higher-level managers at work under my belt. Fingers crossed that I’ll get in this time. I love working at Playtex, and the people I’m with, but I just know that I can achieve so much more with an MBA.

Lou has his own consulting business now. He got a call from one of his prior clients who wanted to know if he would come to work for them full time. He was really gun shy from his last experience, so he agreed to work on a contract basis for a while, and it’s worked out well. We incorporated his business as Manufacturing Excellence, Inc. I say he should tell people he works for “Me Inc.” He prefers to call it “M-E-I.” I still think “Me” is more appropriate and accurate. He’s getting steady business so far, and we are covered with health care benefits from my job, so we’re in good shape. The only investments we’ve had to make for his company are for an accountant to set up the corporation, and in a computer and printer. We got a Mac Plus, which he likes because it is easy to use and is great at graphics for presentations. We’ve fixed up his office, so it looks really nice, with striped wallpaper and wood wainscoting on the walls, book cases, some artwork, and we had all of his diplomas and certifications professionally framed, as well as prints of both the Serenity Prayer and Desiderata. He covered the top of his old metal desk with gorgeous off-white 12” marble tiles, and painted the rest. Pretty cool looking.

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