July 1981 – Part Two


novisitorsLou’s gotten some handyman jobs, which is good because the customers pay cash, which we need.  I like my job at the Ramada; the people I work with are great, but I think their southern drawl is starting to rub off on me already.  I may be doing the accent on purpose, because people understand what I’m saying a little better when I speak a little more slowly, and throw in a y’all once in a while.

On the downside, my sister is probably really mad at me.  I can only imagine what she’s thinking, but I didn’t know what else to do. She had called me, saying that she was driving to North Carolina with her roommate who was visiting her brother, and wanted to stop in to see us since we were so close to him.  When I first talked to her on the phone, I said that would be fine, and that although we didn’t have a guest room or place for them to sleep over, I could get them a really cheap rate at the Ramada with my employee discount.

I ended up having to call her back and say that it really wasn’t a good time for us to have company, and that maybe we should do it some other time. I know that sounded really stupid; she is a NYC nurse, who doesn’t get much time off,  they are driving all the way down from New York already, and were only going to visit and stay at my hotel. But Lou feels like it is way too soon after we just got married, and that we need to have time to ourselves. He says that she is purposefully trying to intrude and interfere.  I don’t see it that way at all.  I think that it makes perfect sense that she would stop in to visit since she’s going to be driving on I-85 right by where we live and my hotel is literally right off the highway.

I was looking forward to showing her our apartment and around town…this place is really nice. Lou’s irritated and thinks that I’m just trying to defend her and take her side, but that’s not true – I just see it differently from how he does.  I felt absolutely horrible telling her, but it wouldn’t be a good visit with Lou feeling the way he does about it. I didn’t give her much of an explanation, because I really didn’t know what to say. It’s embarrassing for me to have to tell her not to come when I don’t agree with decision or the reason; it feels so wrong and so rude.

Hopefully she understands… God knows I don’t understand it.



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