March 1996

Lou and Anjelica for her first haircut - 1994

Lou and Anjelica for her first haircut – 1994

Anjelica is doing great at the Montessori School near my office where she started last fall after turning two. The only downside of not staying at home with a nanny is that she started getting frequent earaches and colds. After many rounds of ineffective antibiotics, the doctor gave her a vaccine to help ward off viruses, and sent us to a specialist, who suggested having her adenoids removed. What a heartbreaker it was to let go when she went in for surgery. I acted calm, but was such an emotional wreck inside; I was so relieved when she came out and everything was fine. She was dopey for a while, and really grumpy coming home from the hospital, and it was so unlike her to be unsettled in the car. Lou was extremely frustrated by her attitude, and really irritated with me for making him pull over so I could get in the back to cuddle next to her car seat. I imagine she was in pain, and probably felt like crap from the anesthesia. It’s not like she’s old enough to give a great explanation on her own, but I think we’re old enough to figure out why she’s being so cranky. Hopefully this will end all the little sicknesses.

I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with me, too. I keep having pain on the right side of my gut under the ribs. I’ve been doubled over in pain so many times and still don’t know what it is. The doctor sent me to the emergency room one time, where they did an ultrasound, but couldn’t find anything. I overheard some old guy from behind he curtain in the next exam area explaining his symptoms, which sounded just like mine; they found gallstones with his ultrasound. He was headed right for surgery, but they sent me home with instructions to see a G-I doctor for more invasive tests, including a colonoscopy and an endoscopy, during which I woke up gagging on a camera down my throat. They didn’t find much except that I’ve burned holes in my stomach from the anti-inflammatory meds I take for muscle spasms and neck pain. They prescribed different drugs for acid reflux, IBS, and a variety of other things that they think are stress related, but none of those treatments help. I still think it is my gallbladder. My mother and two of my sisters had their gallbladders removed, so it isn’t too crazy to think mine could be bad also. I’m getting tired of this specialist, who seems to imply the problem is all in my head; I really want to see someone else.

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