We’re officially trying to get pregnant. The decision was made while we were sitting out in the backyard, getting some sun, talking about my upcoming birthday. I can’t believe thirty is already here. I still see myself as young, perhaps because Lou is five years older. We have always talked about wanting children but have never done anything about it. I’m not on the pill, so it could have happened many times, but I keep track of my cycle, and the train pulls out on time. I would love to have a big family and envision a dining room table loaded with four kids, and then later having large holiday gatherings with spouses and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Lou’s not so sure on the number, but he does want to have children, so I brought up the topic, and mentioned that if we still want to have kids, we should start thinking about acting soon. He agreed and said I should go to the OB-Gyn for a checkup and make sure that I’m in good health. We got the medical go-ahead and I marked up a calendar with my cycle and the days to make sure we have sex. I am excited about starting a family.