Lou’s gotten some handyman jobs, like fixing up rental properties for one of the professors, which is good because his customers pay cash, which we need.  I like my job and co-workers; I think their southern drawl is starting to rub off on me, I seem to speak a bit more slowly, and “y’all” often pops out of my mouth.

On the downside, my sister is probably very upset.  I can only imagine what she’s thinking, but I didn’t know what else to do. She called to tell me she would be driving through Durham with her roommate on the route to visit her brother nearby and wanted to stop in to see us and our new place.  When I first talked with her on the phone, I said that would be great, and that although we didn’t have a guest room or place for them to sleep over, I could get them a really cheap rate at the Ramada with my employee discount.

I ended up having to call her back and say that it really wasn’t a good time for us to have company, and that maybe we could do it some other time. I know that sounded incredibly stupid; they are driving all the way down from New York anyway, and were only going to briefly visit then stay at my hotel. But Lou feels it is way too soon after we just got married, that we need to have time to ourselves, and that she is purposefully trying to intrude and interfere.  I disagreed, saying I think it makes perfect sense that she would stop in to visit since she’s going to be driving on I-85, and my hotel is literally right off the highway. I don’t get what in the world she could possibly interfere with or intrude upon. 

I was looking forward to showing her our apartment and around town. Lou’s irritated and thinks that I’m just trying to defend her and take her side, but that’s not true, I just see it differently from how he does.  I felt absolutely horrible telling her, but it wouldn’t be a good visit with Lou feeling as he does. I didn’t give her much of an explanation, because I really didn’t know what to say. It’s embarrassing to be so wrong and so rude, and I don’t agree with the decision or find any logic to the reason.

Hopefully she understands. God knows I don’t.