Gino came back to visit me, just as promised. It was a perfect day; this time, we were alone. He wanted to do it in the car, in the front seat driver’s side. It was quick, but not easy, and my back is bruised from the steering wheel. We didn’t argue about anything and just talked. He told me his plans, we listened to his music and he gave me a copy of his band’s tape. He drove right back home again the same day.

Lou called to ask me to return a book I had borrowed. I had hoped he wouldn’t even be there when I stopped by, but he was relatively nice, considering how we left things. We agreed to part as friends, and he gave me his Long Island home address and phone number to keep in touch over the summer.

I’ve already started taking classes at SCCC and got a job working as a hostess at The Van Dyke, one of the nicest area restaurants, located in the historic Stockade section of Schenectady. I audit checks and do general office work before opening, and then take reservations and seat people all day. When it is busy, as it normally is for Sunday brunch, I also get drinks from the bar, and help bus and set tables. It doesn’t pay much, and I don’t get tips, but it is good experience, and it is a nice place to work. Some of the old-timer employees and customers can be grumpy, but I love it, and my hours fit perfectly with my school schedule. Everything is falling into place.