I finally had my lawsuit go to trial for my neck injury at Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City. It would have been a long drive to and from Atlantic City each day, but Lou was renting airplanes to go to his client site anyway, so he flew me in and dropped me off and picked me up right in downtown Atlantic City on the three days of the trial. He was only able to take time off to go to the part where he testified. He was a joint plaintiff in the case, suing for loss of services. My services, in particular. Reality is that he hasn’t lost much, since I still do everything. It’s just that now I do it while in pain. I won a nice sum for my part, but Lou’s joint complaint was denied. It will take a while to go through the appeals process before we are actually paid. I think I did a good job in my testimony; I was credible and thorough and didn’t embellish or lie. Lou says that I bored the jury, and that it was his testimony that compelled them to find in my favor. I don’t know what he said, because they made me leave the courtroom while he was on the stand. And he doesn’t know all that I said and how the jury reacted, because he skipped most of my testimony. In any case, we did win, and it doesn’t really matter who said what to make it happen.

Since we have some extra money coming in, we are looking into buying an airplane. With a plane, he can get to his client sites faster, so he’ll be home more, and the three of us can go on weekend day trips. We’ve rented a few times and had a blast. It’s an expensive toy.