I decided that I want to go to graduate school for my MBA. I did well on the GMAT and applied to Wharton at University of Pennsylvania. I haven’t applied anywhere else. I think this is the best school, and it’s local, so it is among the very few options available for me. I’m a manager now of the help desk in computer operations, have honors level grades from my undergraduate years, good experience, and good recommendations, so hopefully I’ll get in. I think my essay was pretty good also. It focused on what we’ve been able to achieve in our lives, starting from basically nothing. My personal essay opened with, “My mother always thought I’d marry rich. Instead, I married Lou.”

We have come a long way. He’s now working for one of his old consulting clients up in Amish country as Operations Manager. Coopers & Lybrand wasn’t thrilled when he created a job for himself with the client, but I think it was a win-win-win all around. He was getting frustrated at Coopers, and probably would have left or been terminated anyway. All of the manufacturing and distribution organization works under Lou, and he reports to the company’s owner, who is a Mennonite. They say a prayer even before meetings; I find it amusing to think of Lou at that table. I’m glad he’s done consulting and traveling to hotels. There are mostly horses and buggies and plain-clothed religious folk around him now. So, there shouldn’t be any more of those work and travel related sexual issues.

Things got freaky while he was consulting. We kept getting hang up calls at night, and Lou decided to do that star 69 thing on the phone to return the last call. When the person answered, Lou asked, “Who is this?” The guy on the other end said, “Who the f**k are you?” and he hung up. Then the guy called us back again, and said, “I know who you are and where you live, mother f**ker. I’m gonna cut out your heart and suck your blood.”  Lou called the police, and through the phone company they identified who it was, and the police filed “terroristic threatening” charges against some guy in Wilmington. Lou said the police told him that the guy claimed a neighbor of ours had him calling to bother Lou because of something about work. Lou thinks that it’s related to the hospital engagement where someone who happens to live in our neighborhood lost his job because of the project Lou was on. Maybe there really was a secret sexual trap setup. It’s all too weird. Lou’s upset because nothing is happening with the case since the calls and threats stopped.