Anjelica is doing great at the Montessori School, but kept getting earaches and colds. After many rounds of antibiotics that didn’t do anything, the doctor gave her a special vaccine to ward off infection, and sent us to a specialist, who suggested having her adenoids removed. What a heartbreaker that was to let go of her when she went in for surgery. I was a wreck until she came out and everything was fine. She was dopey for a while, and really grumpy coming home from the hospital. It was so unlike her to be so unsettled in the car. Lou was grumpy and accused me of coddling when I made him pull over so I could get in the back with her. Hopefully this will end all the little sicknesses.

I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with me, too. I keep having pain on the right side of my gut under the ribs. The doctor sent me to the emergency room when I was doubled over in pain, and they did an ultrasound, but couldn’t find anything. I overheard some old guy on the other side of the curtain in the next exam area telling his symptoms, which sounded just like mine. When he had an ultrasound, they found gall stones. He got surgery, and they sent me home with just a referral to a G-I specialist, who ordered a bunch of tests. It was like a torture nightmare when I woke up in the middle of the endoscopy with a camera down my throat. They didn’t find much except that I’ve burned holes in my stomach from the anti-inflammatory drugs I take for neck pain. They’ve tried me on different drugs for acid reflux, IBS, and other things that they think are stress related, but they do not help at all. I still think it is my gall bladder. My mother and two of my sisters had their gall bladders removed, so it isn’t crazy to think mine could be bad also. I’m getting tired of this doctor, who seems to think that it’s all in my head.