We have a realtor and have started house hunting in various towns in the Andover area. There are a lot of options that are easy for Lou to get to the airport, and for me to get to work and bring Anjelica to a nearby Montessori school. Several houses were fine with me, but Lou has a lot more musts and must nots on his burgeoning checklist, which mushrooms with each property visit. I guess you don’t know what you want or don’t want until you see it or don’t see it. In any case, there are many viable towns and homes for sale in the area, so I’m sure we’ll find something. I sense that Lou expects to buy the perfect house where we can settle forever.

Luckily, they are flexible at work with my full-time start date and are giving me a chance to transition without pressure. This is the first month with Agilent being separate from HP, and a new fiscal year, so there is a lot going on at work in both my old and new positions. I’m balancing the responsibilities of my current job while easing into the new ones.

Lou’s been traveling non-stop, with two clients on the west coast, he’s been flying to California just about every week. I’ve been sharing promising real estate listings with him, but we need to make more time for house-hunting on the weekends. I had to go to HP’s corporate offices in California for work, while Lou was in Los Angeles and Oregon for few weeks straight for client projects. I brought Anjelica with me and hired a nanny service to watch her while I went to meetings. We met up with Lou in Oregon for sightseeing in the beautiful Crater Lake area. Anjelica and I flew home, and Lou stayed out west for another week.