As an officer of the Hotel Tech Club, I’ve met a lot of people and made new friends this year at school. A group of us decided to hang out in the bar at the Ramada where I work. I’m always with Lou’s fraternity brothers and their girlfriends, but he is never with my friends, so I called him before we went, and asked him to come hang out with us. He said sure, and that he’d be there a little later.

I was having a fun with my friends at the bar and enjoyed spending time with them in my work home. I was in the midst of a casual conversation with one of the guys, when all of the sudden Lou popped up out of nowhere; I didn’t even see him come in. He moved in between me and my friend, got right in his face, poked him hard in the chest with his index finger, and bellowed, carefully enunciating every syllable, “Hey! I’m her f**king boyfriend.” It was totally out of line. This poor guy wasn’t hitting on me, standing close, touching me, or anything. We weren’t even laughing. We were just talking. My friend just put his hands up in the air and backed away saying he wasn’t trying to step on his toes or anything. I got myself into the middle, pulled Lou away, and sternly told him we were just talking. I don’t know what got into him. I invited him to come there to meet my friends. I obviously wasn’t trying to hide anything from him, and certainly wasn’t flirting with that guy, or anyone else. I was basically the host of the get together and ended up being the first to leave. It was so embarrassing. If I had known he would act like that, I would never have suggested going out at all.

Lou really didn’t have much of an explanation about it for me after we got out of there. He just didn’t like the way the guy was looking at me, and it was just his gut reaction. My gut reaction is that I was humiliated and am livid. He did not care to hear any of my points. He didn’t apologize; he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did. It isn’t worth fighting about it, though.