Lou told me he was working at the client’s last night and today. I knew he was planning a little outing with his girlfriend. I had seen with my PC spying software that they were planning some sort of get together vacation, but there weren’t any details. But I also noticed that he went to a website for a certain hotel on the cape.

My PI followed him last night and saw that he met his girlfriend at work and brought her takeout food. I imagine there was actually work that had to be done before their day off. I called her work number in the morning and got her out of the office extended absence greeting, so I knew she wasn’t at work. I had the PI check to see if their cars were at the airport together, which they were. I then called the Provincetown airport to see if his plane landed there, but they would not tell me anything. I had a feeling where they were and called the hotel he looked at online, and just asked for Louis Joy’s room. I was not the least bit surprised when the clerk said, “just a moment please.” Lou answered the phone, and I just hung up. I didn’t think ahead to what I would do or what I would say when he answered. I chose to do nothing.

About 5 minutes later, he called my office phone. I imagine he wanted to make sure I was still at work and not lurking in the bushes outside the hotel. I acted like nothing was wrong. I could tell from the background noises that he was outside. He said that we needed time to ourselves to reconnect and be alone together. He suggested that we go on a getaway trip. Just after our anniversary, he brought up going to the cape together, but I must have been second in line.

The night before he left, I initiated sex with him. I gave him my all, and we did it for a long time, and six ways to Sunday, whatever that means. I thought maybe he would reconsider what he was doing. I hope he enjoyed it, because that was the last time.

I think I interrupted their little sex vacation. Boo Hoo for them. I could give a sh*t what they do now. They can enjoy their time, and I’m not even going to think about it. I have my proof if I need it. I’m pretty good at this detective work. Maybe the PI should hire me.